Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Stand By Me

Seven months in the United States have come to an end. I had to say goodbye to a lot of people who became friends. I did because I also wanted to say thank you. They made this journey something special. Thanks again...

- for in-depth American sports conversations
- for thrilling foosball games
- for many different Autzen experiences
- for a little bit of German grammar refreshing
- for supporting the Seahawks together (on TV and live)
- for The Bier Stein nights
- for photography sessions at many different sports events
- for filming sessions in the Oregon woods
- for studying sessions at Allen Hall
- for Panda attacks after being starving all day
- for a little French in between a lot of English
- some more Spanish between even more English
- for dine-ins and take-outs at El Super Burrito
- for Kona, my rental bike
- for supporting me as a sports fanatic
- for crazy pick up football games
- for some rec motivation
- for taking me to Noti
- for showing me the stars
- for the Track Town Pizza student buffet
- for all the guest speakers I could listen to
- for letting me touch your fluffy butt, Duck
- for crazy German Stammtisch newsletters
- for language discussions
- for great class experiences
- for taking photos with me
and so much more!

These things have been said already. Time to watch:

What is left goes to you Eugene, to you Oregon. Your rain made me grow as a person. Your trees made me feel small and vulnerable, and safe at the same time. Your seasons made my life colorful. Your streets made me bike a lot. Your nights made me freeze. Your people made me talk, laugh, chat, and listen a lot. Your snow made me feel like a kid – twice. Your food made me sin, and grow physically. Your freight trains made me sleepless sometimes. Your days excited me the very second I woke up. Your university made me a better student. Your language made my language better. Your cliffs and beaches made me lose my breath. Your breeze blew my mind. Your highways kept me awake – not to mention other states'. Your peaks made me appreciate the alps even more. Your smell made me stop breathing. Your stories made me care. Your rain... oh, I already mentioned it.

Stand By Me, Oregon.

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